Sponsors of Newcastle District Bowling Association

The association receives valued support and publicity from NBN Television, Newcastle Herald and the On The Green Magazine (Dean Nicholson and Colleen Mannis). They are very elated at our performances and I ask that you provide your continued support to them whenever possible in recognition of their outstanding contribution to our game.

The bowlers of the Newcastle District are indebted to the following sponsors:

Veterans & Super Veterans Day

Soldiers Point Bowling Club logo

Soldiers Point Bowling Club

District Triples Championship
State Senior Fours Championship


Nelson Bay Bowling Club logo

Nelson Bay Bowling Club

District Pairs Championship¬†& “8 Pins”

Alder Park Bowling Club logo

Alder Park Bowling Club
State President Fours Championship

Raymond Terrace Bowling Club logo

Raymond Terrace Bowling Club
State President Triples Championship
District Major Singles Championship
District Junior Fours Championship


Charlestown Bowling Club logo

Charlestown Bowling Club
State Senior Triples Championship

Water Board Bowling Club

State Senior Singles Championship
Champion of Club Champions Singles Championship


Wallsend Bowling Club – No.1 Grade
Edgeworth Bowling Club – No.2 Grade
Swansea Workers Bowling Club – No.3 Grade
Raymond Terrace Bowling Club – No.4 Grade
Charlestown Bowling Club – No.5 Grade
East Maitland Bowling Club – No.6 Grade
Nelson Bay Bowling Club – No.7 Grade


Water Board Bowling Club – No.1 Grade
Hamilton North Bowling Club – No.2 Grade
Marks Point Bowling Club – No.3 Grade
Windale/Gateshead Bowling Club – No.4 Grade
Raymond Terrace Bowling Club – No.5 Grade

Herald logo
NBN Television logo